May 5, 2014 – Fruit Blossoms and Robin Eggs

La vie comme on l’aime : simple et belle…

In Jim's Garden

A lovely spring weekend…DSC02334Encourages the fruit blossoms to open and enjoy the weather.

AppleDSC02381??????????????????????????????? Cherry??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????PearDSC02429??????????????????????????????? And Strawberry?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Meanwhile, this adorable robin???????????????????????????????And her friendly mate???????????????????????????????Decided to build a nest in our barn, where she sits, watching us come and go

DSC02508while she encourages her pretty eggs to produce pretty robins.  The little birds will hatch here, learn to fly here and grow strong here.  They will leave us in the fall, wintering far to the south, but will always return home in the spring.???????????????????????????????Oh yes, and the goldfinches???????????????????????????????Would like you to know that the feeder is their domain at this time.

Other birds should probably just stay away, thank you very much!???????????????????????????????

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